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Whole Horsemanship

 Whole Horsemanship - the practice of looking at all the elements of the horse picture to find solutions and create amazing partnership. 


 Whole Horsemanship will  elevate your understanding of horses to solve problems and go beyond "horse training" to becoming a great horse leader!  


Whole Horsemanship includes traditional and non-traditional methods of horse training and equine healing that allow you to use problems as tools for learning for you and the horses. You'll learn practical horsemanship with spiritual benefits.


Regardless of your horse sport or activities, you and your horse will both be changed by the amazing equine partnership you can create through Whole Horsemanship.

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         Penny is a master. Attending a clinic with her is amazing.

 Christopher Avery, Author and Consultant, The Responsibility Process.

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Want to know more about whether this approach to horsemanship (and life) is for you?  You can have a free 20 minute consultation with Penny.  Ask questions, get answers.  Find out if you and Whole Horsemanship are a good match.  Call 512-917-1866 to make an appointment.

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