About Penny:

Penny Stone came out of the womb in love with horses. One of the first pictures of her in the family photo album shows Penny reaching up with the look of pure delight to touch a shetland pony.

Throughout Penny’s young life she begged, borrowed, and traded for time with horses. In her early 20's Penny acquired her home in the country and her first horse. Soon after Penny attended Merideth Manor International School of Horsemanship, and launched her career as a horse professional.

For more than thirty years Penny trained horses and riders in

  • Western Pleasure,

  • Trail,

  • Competitive Trail,

  • Endurance,

  • Driving,

  • Dressage,

  • Jumping,

  • Paso Fino

Penny’s students frequently placed in the top 3 in regional events.

During this time, Penny developed her holistic approach to horsemanship,  exploring new knowledge on healing the body, mind and spirit of both humans and horses. Penny advanced her talents as a healing facilitator while working for several years as a therapist in a holistic health center.  Among the methods she learned and uses today are:

  • Low Level Laser,

  • Myofascial release


  • Emotion Code and

  • TTouch.

Penny's services have helped horses and people from back yard horse owners to large scale Thoroughbred breeding farms all across the US. She teaches clinics, staff trainings, and private lessons, and provides equine bodywork, energy work, and Low Level Laser. Her riding lessons feature Dressage Fundamentals as part of her Balanced Riding program. Her goal is to help you create balance, confidence and harmony with whatever horse you ride.

She teaches leadership instead of dominance, understanding instead of punishment,  relationship instead of control,  connection instead of demand. She knows that your life with horses will be easier, more effective and more fun when you learn to understand and love horses on their terms.

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