Uncommonly Good Horse Sense

Do you struggle with:
Dangerous horse behavior?
Lack of understanding between you and your horse?
Unbreakable bad horse habits?
Confusion about which training protocol to follow?
Lack of clarity?

Do you want to :
Understand your horse?
Have him know your wishes?
Be calm in any situation?
Look to you for leadership?
Be happy to work with you?
Know immediately if a training system is right for you?
Have an uncommonly good relationship with your horse?

“Uncommonly Good Horse Sense” by Penny Stone will change the way you view horses and uplift your horsemanship to a level above what most people achieve. The insight and tips in this book will give you the power to change your horse's behavior safely and humanely. The underlying principles will guide you to make easier, better choices about training and horse care in today's complicated horse world. “Uncommonly Good Horsemanship” will help you co-create that amazing horse/human relationship that you always dreamed of.


Good reasons for bad behavior
The difference between leadership and dominance
The Five F's that influence every horse's behavior
Why groundwork is essential, and which type is most beneficial
How to see the Whole Picture
Universal Training Truths.

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