Private Lessons

Want to make yourself and your horse go better?  Need help with your riding skills?

I've helped riders in several fields - Dressage, Distance Riding, Trail, Jumping, and Western - to ride more effectively, more easily, and more comfortably - for both horse and rider. I've been teaching from a base of biomechanics since the 1980's when I taught Centered Riding as part of my riding programs for Northwestern Michigan College. The change in your horse's cooperation and way of going is amazing when you get balanced.!

Have a specific training challenge?  Need guidance on training your training program? Want to train your own horse?  

I've trained many horses for a variety of jobs and can help get you and your horse on the same wavelength.  I specialize in giving you the skills to be successful in training your horse. I come to your place, or can meet you online for training sessions if you supply videos of your challenge.

Have horse care of horsemanship challenges?  Over 40 years of experience, including managing large stables and my own 240 farm have given me the insight and wisdom to help you solve your problems. Just use the contact form below to let me know what you need help with.

I have taught hundreds of private lessons. Your private lesson can cover any horse related topic that you choose and will be focused on advancing your horse knowledge and skills. My main focus is Holistic Horsemanship and  Balanced Riding.  Balanced Riding provides skills and techniques to bring you and your horse into physical, mental and emotional balance regardless of your sport.  


My students have excelled at the local and regional level in Dressage, Driving, Trail, Endurance and  Competitive Trail.   Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced horse person, I can take you to the next level in your viewpoint and understanding of horses, in your balance and effectiveness as a rider, and in your horse training skills.

If you live within 50 miles of me, she can come to you to help you and your horse in your own surroundings.  If you live farther away you may want to organize a clinic of a weekend or several days.

To book private lessons, contact me on the form below.

If a small group is your preferred learning experience, check out the clinics on our Events page, or organize a group for your barn or region.

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