Open Your Heart With   

A Costa Rican Retreat of Courage & Connection

Tamarindo,  Costa Rica    May 20-26, 2020

with Penny Stone

  • Are you a horse-lover who wants to learn incredible secrets to solve horse problems quickly, safely and almost effortlessly?

  • Are you ready to open your heart, and bring more courage, 

  • connection and balance into your life?


Then join us for this transformative Costa Rican adventure!

At last, you are really here, in the jungle, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

From the deck of our Lodge you can see the wildlife in the trees. You can feel the soft warm breeze and smell the lushness of the jungle. The ocean sparkles in the sunlight, calling you for a leisurely stroll. You've had lots of free time to relax and maybe even take a nap! Such luxury, you finally feel yourself begin to wind down from your too busy life.

Exploring new ways of being with the horses, you're learning the secrets of listening to whispers – the quiet equine language . As you connect with your equine partner, you both relax, breathe deeply and before you know it, you are experiencing Flow state with your horse! This is the way you always dreamed it would be. An incredible feeling of love and light fills you and you know that it is YOU and not things that are precious.

And this is just one day! Be prepared, because every day is as good as the last, here in our tropical paradise retreat– the perfect place to learn and rejuvenate for 5 days and 6 nights.

Welcome! Horse Wisdom has called you to Costa Rica.

My Heart is Ready!

How amazing would it be to banish lonely and sad and to feel totally connected to your horse and to all those who are important in your life?


Get ready for amazing, because during your 5 day, 6 night stay in gorgeous Costa Rica, you'll be exploring and discovering connections with a close-knit group of like minded people. You'll be sharing laughter and tears while you learn Ttouches to bond with the horses and each other and finding yourself feeling more connected and alive than ever before.




Wouldn't you just love to feel confident and assured every time you are with horses?


And you will! Once you know what makes them tick, you'll be able to interact with any horse in ways that make you both feel safe and assured. You'll learn and apply practical horsemanship skills that will boost your self assurance and give you powerful choices in dealing with any challenge that comes along. And your spiritual connections will flourish – without “work or struggle”.




How awesome would it be to know that “you've got this” in your work life and horse life?


And you will know it, undoubtedly! In our horse training sessions we'll learn the secrets of great leadership and the horses will give you constant feedback to help you know when you are on the right track. As we master leadership and confidence building exercises with the horses, the lessons and insights you'll gain will boost your courage and ability in all aspects of your life, making you the leader others want to follow.

You'll spend 5 days here:


  • Cultivating:  Your self confidence and courage through equine movement awareness exercises and ziplining so you can lead yourself and others in any situation

  • Establishing:  A positive outlook that will help you drop disapproval and pessimism so you can create joy and harmony throughout your life.

  • Exploring: The authentic you through guided horse meditations and journalling so you'll be able to powerfully express your genuine self.

  • Basking:  in your newfound ability to feel peaceful and create balance to banish the too busy blues.

  • Mastering: Transformative Ttouch Training techniques so you can connect deeply to your horse and others, quickly, easily and effectively.

This one-of-a-kind retreat was designed with you in mind, to create an unmatched experience with horses that transforms your entire life.

Yes! I'm ready to courageously connect.

Why Costa Rica in May? 


Nature just begins to get lively in May when the rains return the forest to green, rivers and streams to rushing, and the wlldlife are exceptionally plentiful and active.


Guanacaste, Costa Rica is a tropical paradise , a place to reconnect with nature with a pristine shoreline, beautiful mountain ranges and a number of volcanoes.

Perfect for exploring with horses and viewing from our deck.

Incredible Lodging:

Our big Costa Rica style country house at the Agave Lodge comes complete with panoramic ocean views, incredible nightly sunsets and a big pool area.

Watch for  howler monkeys, beautiful and regal king iguana, chirping geckos, fluttering hummingbirds and as well as other tropical wildlife.


Relax and enjoy a peaceful, hidden tropical paradise teeming with lush vegetation and wildlife while only a few minutes drive to the beach and the center of Tamarindo full of fabulous restaurants, cute little shops and vibrant nightlife!

Exceptional Ranch and Horses

Beyond the winding drive tunneled with trees, lies Painted Pony guest Ranch, home to our horse collaborators, where the hustle and bustle of modern life is left behind.

Painted Pony is known for their beautiful and well cared for Criollo horses, and some of the best trail riding in Guanacaste. Their horses are bred and born on the ranch and trained using non violent methods. Such enchanting learning partners!

Whether you want to sip a refreshing drink on the patio, journal while you watch the horses graze, or cool off in the plunge pool while you have a rewarding conversation with one of your new horsey friends, you'll be soothed and enlivened at the same time.

This is what I've been longing for!

In Tamarindo :

You'll be mesmerized at the night market and the farmers market seeing the local crafts, clothing and foods.


If you still have the shopping bug, you'll have time to explore the many shops carrying crafts and art from Costa Rican artisans. Leave room in your suitcase to take home that special souvenir!


And Tamarindo is home to a wide variety of quality restaurants for our night out on the town.

The Beach:


Oh, did I not mention the beach?  The nicest beaches in Costa Rica are at Tamarindo, just five minutes from our lodging.  And we have time to wander, splash or just lie in the sun there if you like.

The Food: 

Wake up to variety of scintillating scents and tastes, delivered hot and fresh each morning to our sunny estate at Agave Lodge.


Lunches served on the veranda at Painted Pony feature lots of fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies in mouth watering combinations.


You'll thrill to the tastes of traditional Costa Rican fare at our special Ranch Dinner, prepared by the owner herself.

After our horse adventures, you return to Agave Lodge, where your next scrumptious is dinner delivered to our door – each night a different taste - Costa Rican, Fusion,Taste of the Americas, Taco Bar, Asian – we got choices!


For our night out, revel in the sunset over the waves and feast on the day's catch at an open air beachside restaurant.


Day 1: Connection- Standing in the warm morning sunshine you begin to touch your horse partner in new and different ways. You watch in wonder as his head lowers, his eyes droop and you relax together, entering the stream of connected well being.

Day 2: Confidence:  Using your new Ttouch skills you find that you can quickly connect and calm with your horse partner. You learn a mind opening way to lead him and find that he'll follow you anywhere, effortlessly. You are the confident leader!

Day 3: Awakening:  As you ride through the fields and forests in connection with your mount and your new friends, you practice looking at the world as though you've never seen it before and feel judgement and negativity fall away – replaced by positive confidence.

Day 4: Calmness:  You relax farther and farther into horse guided meditation and find that life doesn't look so busy or daunting. As you stay in the flow, you see your true self and know that horse energy is there to support you.

Day 5: Self Leadership:  As you see the horses change, you know that you are changing. Fears and stress fall away and are replaced by a calm courage, knowing that you can be the positive leader in your own life.

Yes. I'm ready for positive awakening.


1. Cant miss new horse skills, new horse friends

2. Cant miss fresh, scrumptious local food daily

3. Cant miss horseback ride through the country

4. Cant miss private Agave Lodge

5. Cant miss those lazy hours lying by the pool

6. Cant miss splashing in the warm Pacific waters

7. Cant miss thrilling zipline experience

8. Cant miss unparalleled horse bonding



  • You truly care about having a relationship with horses – not just pressure and release.

  • You are a woman of emerging confidence who is ready to lead yourself, your horse and maybe even others.

  • You are open to allowing horse wisdom to help you solve problems

  • It’s time to let your connection to all living beings fill your heart and change your life.

  • You are ready to add amazing, non-violent, horse problem solving tools to your toolbox

  • It's time to live your life from your true self

  • You're excited to open your mind to new possibilities.

  • You secretly think you might be able to communicate on a different level.

  • You’re both excited and nervous about this trip!






  • You're satisfied with mechanical “horse training”

  • You are okay with the divide between your horse life and the rest of your life

  • You are afraid to be vulnerable with the horses and your horsey sisters

  • You're unwilling to drop excuses, blame and negativity

  • You are attached to humans being the only sentient species

  • You'll settle for a life of “going along to get along”

  • Adventure, personal growth and amazing breakthroughs bore you.

  • Relaxing outdoors in one of natures most perfect settings is a drag


Just because we care, you’ll also receive:

  • Private Retreat Facebook Page - so you can ask questions and stay in touch before and after – and post your photos!

  • Pre-Trip Group Call – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, share your intent and learn how to best prepare yourself! ( on Zoom)

  • Post-Trip Group Call – we’ll gather to help integrate your learnings once back at home!

  • (on Zoom)


  • 6 nights, 5 days of blissful accommodation at Agave Lodge. Accomodations are double occupancy or bunk room. There are two casitas available for single occupancy or a couple, add $200.00

  • 5 days of guided horse whispering, practical Ttouch techniques, movement awareness, horse wisdom meditation, and & lots of insightful conversation all week.

  • All Transfers: from and to the Airport, Agave Lodge, Tamarindo and Painted Pony Ranch , Two trips from airport for arrivals. Times will be announced as we receive your itineraries

  • 5 mornings amazing fresh local breakfast, 5 delicious lunches, 4 light dinners, and a tasty welcome buffet.

  • Hours of relaxation time on the beach, in the forest, In Tamarindo, or by the pool

  • Guided horseback adventure through the gorgeous countryside of Guanacaste to a Tico village for lunch

  • Trip Fee for super confidence building zipline experience.


  • Your airfare

  • 1 dinner out on the town

  • shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, and tips

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Penny Stone, Horse woman, author, mentor, teacher trainer and adventurer.


I've taught hundreds of students to connect confidently and in balance and harmony with horses, in private lessons, clinics and workshops. I'm always amazed at the insight, breakthroughs and positive changes that emerge for each person without specifically focusing on those during our work together with the horses.


My path with horses began as soon as I was able to walk and talk. My holistic bent and spiritual connection with horses began when I was living my dream of being a horse trainer with my own farm, but I was still deeply unhappy. Desperate to stay with my dream, but live a happy life, I began studying spiritual leaders, and found the work of Linda Tellington Jones,


I went to my first TTouch trainng and came away with a new lease on life. After working with Linda TJ, becoming a practitioner and traveling to co-teach many workshops and weeklong trainings, my perception of the consciousness of horses and our connection to them evolved. I realized that these sentient beings are willing and able to help us change and grow.


Since then, the spiritual connection and opportunity for change and personal growth underlies all of my work with horses and people.


Now, in this retreat, it takes center stage, as I teach how to build your confidence and connection so that you have the courage to be your authentic self and be effective in leading your horse in your equine relationships and leading yourself in life.

Yes! I want to be there!

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