Penny is a healing facilitator.  She draws from her knowledge of many healing systems to provide the support and change your horse needs at the moment.


Penny began working as a horse trainer and riding instructor in 1980 after graduating from Merideth Manor International School of Horsemanship. Through the years she developed her holistic approach to horsemanship, while exploring new evidence-based knowledge on healing the body, mind and spirit of both humans and horses. Penny advanced her talents as a healing facilitator while working for several years as a therapist in a holistic health center.  She was certified as a TTEAM practitioner in 1992 and assisted and co-taught with Linda Tellington-Jones for 20 years.




  • Low Level Laser,

  • Myofascial release


  • Emotion Code

  • Ttouch.


  • Masterson




  • Lowered anxiety and reactivity

  • Greater resilience

  • Pain relief

  • Lowered inflammation

  • Increased relaxation 

  • Improved movement

  • Greater body awareness

  • Increased focus

  • Less resistance

  • Better Performance!


Penny's services have helped horses and people from back yard horse owners to large scale Thoroughbred breeding farms all across the US. If your horse needs rehab, is having mysterious lameness or behavior problems, or just needs a spa day, contact her to book an appointment for your horse's well being and improved performance. Or watch for her at your next horse show.



With Penny's work, I was delighted when my horse, Goldie, completed our endurance ride at  in the top ten with better scores than usual. It was truly amazing, as this was on a brutal day with high heat and humidity when 60% of the horses were unable to complete the ride.

Donna Murphy, Owner Trainer, Azteca Stables, Endurance Rider

Working with Penny and horses creates an alchemy that is transformative. Her skill in utilizing equine bodywork, especially  TTouch, is more comprehensive than the other horse people I have encountered. Whole Horsemanship has been extremely helpful in creating a satisfying relationship and greater understanding of my horses. Sarah Jackson, Clinical Psychologist


After rescuing my two mules 4 years ago, I was in desperate need for knowledge about how to train and heal them from their traumas. I encountered individuals who boasted about their knowledge and expertise, but through my novice eyes, I observed people blinded by their egos who had lost the art of connecting with an animal. I felt very alone and overwhelmed with my journey to help my mules adapt to the human world. When I met Penny I could tell she was both knowledgeable and intuitive. Her work with me and my mules was like a Godsend on steroids! The help we received was unique for our goals and it offered both practical and energetically valuable instruction and observation..  Shivaun Perez. 

"Penny's work is world class!"  Carter Hounsel, DVM,  FEI Veterinarian.

Penny's got a 98% success rate with my horses.  Nearly every horse she has worked on for me has shown positive improvement in his ability to do his job.  Colleen Brombach, Owner, Coach, Trainer, Silver Fox Farms

Penny is not a veterinarian. She does not diagnose. She may offer methods you can do yourself to support your horse. She advises that you follow your veterinarian's recommendations.

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